Well I'll be damned... I was a little weary at first when I heard…

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Well I'll be damned...

I was a little weary at first when I heard that this was mainly a Sam's love-life episode, though this was the ep that I've been waiting *months* for.

In all, I loved this ep. There were a few moments where I wanted to roll my eyes. Like the part where we find Sam's married in one, has a baby in another, broke up with Martouf in another (and what's with that, btw?), yadda. Each one of themselves were fine little tidbits, but it was like the gossip was all Carter this and Carter that. If it was supposed to be a team ep, then I'd be in a bit of a huff of not finding out much more of the rest of the SG1 team.

Who else saw Martouf thinking "I've died and gone to heaven... or maybe hell." when he steps into the room full of Sams. *snort*

And was it just me or did they work on changing the body mass for each Sam? The Black!Carter looked a bit bigger than our Carter, right? *shrugs* I watched the ep at 4am, so my sight was probably off, lol.

What happened to our Thor anyhow? *misses him too* ;)

What I wanted more of was the Daniel with the sunglasses. Mmmmm, Yum! He handled them just as well as Jack does. *vbg* That dude had to be military. Or I could obviously just be reaching, but he looked more military than our Daniel does in those matching outfits, lol.

There are missing scenes on Gateworld, and I don't know whether to laugh or cry at PDL. I thought he was the cool one, but recently (like the past couple of years) he seems to be having a love affair with Sam Carter. *shrugs* You'll get what I mean after reading the missing scenes hear:

http://www.gateworld.net/sg1/s9/making/913.shtml (read first, then come back to read below unless you want to be spoiled for missing scenes)

Points to icon. Yeah, baby!

They wanted the two universes to be very similar (ie - Bra'tac is in charge of the Jaffa nation, and the Prometheus was destroyed, but otherwise a lot alike) probably to point out that our SG1 isn't all that far off from pulling the same stunt, but at the same time, it gives Daniel/Cameron fans a bit more of an oomph towards canon. *rofl*

And we've got a restaurant! *squees* If that's not used in fic soon... ;)

Obviously that means that Black!Jack and Black!Daniel broke up somewhere and Black!Cameron was there to pick up the pieces, whereas in our universe Jack and Daniel are still very much married. *snort*

Heck, that could be the point where these two univs forked up.

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On January 23rd, 2006, 12:30 am, artifuss commented:
Well.... I don't think creating a pornfic story was what you had in mind but... *g*
Woot! pornfic is goods *nods* *eg*

the Idol!Sam stuff drove me insane. I also felt gyped out of my Sam/Janet reunion
*agrees* Imho, it was all about proportions - or the lack thereof.

Sam and Janet were considered to be best friends - heck Sam's now the single parent for the daughter they were raising, and all we get is a hug and a smile at the end? wtf?

Yet we're privy to all of Sam's other exploits... and not much of anything at all for the rest of the team. Though extra stuff was scripted in for the rest of the team - only to be left on the cutting floor (wonder who made those decisions). Why keeping everything Carter was necessary is beyond my comprehension. ;)

Those guys had some serious gaps in morals and ethics.
More cut stuff. I know you have a dislike for gateworld, but maybe make an exception for this one time to read the missing scenes? Or I could copy all the good stuff into a commment box for you, let me know. ;)

but he certainly was in that Marine team
Oooh, hell yes! There was no way he wasn't part of the military in that one version, lol! *100% mind-melting*

— On January 23rd, 2006, 07:35 pm, an anonymous reader posted a reply.
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On January 24th, 2006, 04:50 pm, artifuss replied:
I read them, hun.
Oh! Heh. :)

Point is, we know how severely corrupted that team was.
That team was *awesome*. They weren't bad as in mustache bad, but they still had a edge to them that pushed them to be one step away from being our SG1.

I agree with you, it would have been lots of fun to see it played out more.

The "what if" ideas abound. ;)
That's what I love about quantum mirror stories! *bg*

So... where's your fic?? *vbg*

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