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Supernatural Fic: Then and Now
Title: Then and Now
Author: Artifuss
Spoils: Everything upto and including Everyone Loves a Clown
Summary: A tag to Everyone Loves a Cown. What was it that John whispered?
Pairing: John/Mary
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Non-con
Disclaimer: Not mine in any way. They're in very good hands with Kripke, angst and all.

Author's Note: Not beta'd, but has gone through spell check quite a few times. Parts may seem Harlequinesque, but I'm hoping you'll find it appropriate. Not meaning to Disney-fy non-con in any way, as it is a serious issue, but for this story, I think the words I chose to use worked. *shrugs* It's yours to judge.

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Supernatural *OMGz*ed
I don't know if you can call this wallpaper spoilery. It was made after watching the season premiere. Essentially it's my guess of what everyone and their dog was hinting at during Supernatural last Thursday. (Is it Thursday yet?)

If you haven't seen the ep and are super-fraids of spoilers, I don't know if you should look. I will say that I've only been spoiled a little for this show, and I've only seen a couple of magazine adds that seem to have this same theme. And I could be reading those adds wrong. *shrugs*

Ie, it's just my guess - though from what I understand, there are a number of people who are guessing the same of this arc (with variations).

Great, wow did I dress up that intro or what? Honestly it's not as hyped up as it might sound, depending on how you read my posts - it's just a wallpaper (with right dimensions an' everything this time) - I just don't want anyone to get pissed at me for potentially spoiling them with my guess.

Okay, here goes:
Untitled, 1024x768
Untitled, 800x600

Oh! And before I forget, images were from

ETA: Yeah, you know? If anyone even catches the "spoiler" I'll be impressed. ;)

I'm listening too
Theory of a Deadman - Santa Monica
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With work taking up all of my free time last week (had a proposal due on Friday and of course we do everything last minute *rolls eyes*), I figured that if the internet had exploded, I wouldn't have noticed until Saturday. *pouts*

Then I did nothing but watch TV this weekend. I hate doing nothing at all on my weekends, but I was just so lazy. Grrrr...

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Something short... and sweet? *shrugs*
Title: Collateral Damage
Author: Artifuss
Pairing: Dan/Cam
Rating: PG
Spoils: Season Nine's Collateral Damage
Summary: More than one civillian was hurt on that mission.
A/N: Many kudos to Stephicozar for her awesome help! All mistakes found were made by yours truly.
Disclaimer: I know I don't own them, please don't sue! Please?

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Was a bit frustrated today, so I wound up making some icons, lol. ;)

Spoils: Origin, Orpheus, Proving Ground, and an early promo shot
One Dan/Cam slash-ish, and the rest are gen.

Caps come from daniel_daily, jackslashdaniel, and tehshroom

Grab if you want. :)

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Wow. Fic! :)
::reposting, 'cause in a stroke of brilliance, I back-dated this entry the first time around. *facepalm*::

So um... the fic below was kinda part of a dream I had. Well, more than half of it was anyway, lol. If you decide to take a chance and read it, I hope you'll enjoy. :)

Title: Deus Machina
Author: Artifuss
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: Mature
Spoils: Fragile Balance, Chimera, Beachhead, Ex Deus Machina, (essentially first half of) Season Nine.
Summary: Ba'al takes his "godship" one step further, creating a disastrous mess for the SGC.
Warnings: (not main) character deaths
A/N: Lots of lufs and hugs to stephicozar for her kick-ass betaness! :D
(Psst! Steph! Is "betaness" a word? :P)

Disclaimer: Not mine now, nor will they (SG1 and the Stargate Universe) ever be. Shame.

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