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Happy New Year!
Hope you all have a safe and fun New Year's tonight. I want to see you all next year! :)

*hugs flist*

5, 4, 3, 2, 1....

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Heh. I think I found a renewed luf for Daniel. *bg*

Season Nine, Ep 9x09: 20 IconsCollapse )


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I'd like to know...
Why do you like icons? Or maybe you don't like them?

Poll underneath, including names of Season Nine episodesCollapse )


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Wow. I think this is the first time I've had to caution that some of the icons underneath the cut are sexually explicit. Go me. *snort*

Rome: Episode OneCollapse )


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How much do I *luf* the latest episode of SG1? Thiiiiiiiis much!Collapse )
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And we're walking...
SFX? sucked.

I don't recommend going to this con at all.

At least, not on the Sunday.

I guess if your only reason for going to a con was to make a whole bunch of fannish purchases, especially of the comic variety, then it's probably a good place to go, but not exactly spectacular.


-Bumping into boywhocantsayno and rockgoddes for a few minutes.
-Seeing an eight foot Wookie (or perhaps taller, I suck at heights). The guy had people gawking all over the place. Once in a while I could hear others saying stuff like, "Follow that Wookie!" only to turn around to see the guy clearly on the other side of the showroom floor. And it's a big floor.
-Buying my pass for another con. One that I know will be fantastic, and has probably spoiled me from enjoying other cons because of it's awesomeness. Did I mention that Michael Shanks will be there? Have I mentioned how great the price is? $60CDN gets you all three days of fun. If enough of us go, we could have a lj party Friday night, lol.

What had me baffled?
-Pikachu. I guess it was the "official" Pikachu costume that some punk was wearing, probably earning minimum wage to walk around the Pokemon display. But holy crap, until Wookie made his entrance, this was the dude that people were following around. Many were almost salivating at the big yellow.
-Disturbingly enough, I couldn't find any Batman: Dark Knight & Nightwing comics. There has to be at least one out there right? Admittedly, I skipped the tables that were asking for $10 or more for whatever selection they had, so I'll rephrase that to: I couldn't find any Dark Knight & Nightwing comics at the cheap tables.
-Also couldn't find any Stargate comics either. In fact, there were more people dressed up in Stargate than there was anything to do with the show. I counted five people in Stargate clothing. Two of which I recognised from two years ago. *snort* I realise that this is only one show, but couldn't some effort have been made? SciFi in general was fairly low-key at this event in the shopping section. Don't know about the rest of the event, especially since I went on Sunday and not the two days prior. Heck, I think they had more Simpson related stuff than SciFi. Not that I counted. ;)
-SPACE was there. They got this huge area rug to themselves, with a bunch of TVs airing their promos or something. And a jeep. Why lots of companies think it's absolutely fantastic to put a vehicle on their floor as promotion material is beyond me. They had a raffle going, which could have been to win that vehicle, but I didn't go check. I may love their channel, but not enough to stand around and look at pretty photocopies of their new season lineup.

-What's more interesting to me? Not one Star Trek uniform. Did they only come out on Fri/Sat?
-Walked by Kevin Sorbo's table without even a second glance. Totally not interested the dude standing there. *snort* Used to be a huge fan of Hercules, but his travels in space make me squick.
-Have no clue if Adam Baldwin was at his table, but there was a small crowd standing in front of it.

So yeah, $20 wasted on two/three hours of "fun".

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I'm sure I made some sense somewhere....
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Made for sg1_showdown
Two icons from UrgoCollapse )

Made for alli_roadie_100
Ten icons from The CurseCollapse )

Seven Daniel icons from Fire and WaterCollapse )

They're all up for grabs if any interest you (including the ones made for Roadie, because she doesn't mind sharing *g*).


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